Card Readers

Easy Update / Easy Clean

Easy to change game profiles



  • Compatible ACSC card readers.

  • Metal frame - no more broken plastic tabs

  • Floating head - aligns to warped cards

  • Coin slot - next read pushes out coins

  • Easy cleaning - open channel in the back allows compressed air cleaning

  • Side mount switches - hard to cheat - protected in a rapid card insert

  • Color Programs Available.  (Ask for Details)

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Compatibility: ACSC, Bally EPI, GDS, Neuron USB, and Neuron serial magnetic card reader offerings.


Robust Metal Body: Provides strength, stability, and ESD protection for the longevity of use.

Coin Slot for Easy Cleaning: Neuron mechanism also provides a coin slot to allow coins or other small objects to be ejected from the back of the reader on the next card insertion. This allows the reader to be cleaned easily with compressed air.

Flag Activated Mechanical Switch: Cleverly located card detection switch. The Switch is activated on the side of the reader preventing damage if a card is “slammed” into the reader. This makes cheating the reader more difficult. With the switch on the side, the card reader will not be damaged when a card with a lanyard hole is inserted backward. The switch cannot be caught in the lanyard hole.

Anti-Block System for Optical Detect Card Switch: Another advantage of the Neuron mechanism is that the card itself does not block the optical detect card switches. The optical detect switches are controlled by opaque flags within the mechanism. This removes the restriction on IR opaque player card material. A clear card or IR transmissive card will work in the Neuron reader.

Wide Read Speed & Floating Head: The Neuron electronics on the mechanism, and the software on the controller, provide a very wide read-speed window. Slow inserts and fast inserts are read equally well. “Floating" head (Head tracks not just up and down, but also side to side on warped cards). 

High Brightness LEDs: High brightness LEDs use less current. Resulting in less heat & longer life. 


Easy Card Reader Programing

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